Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving forward together

A partnership between the Australian Womens Ice Hockey League (AWIHL) team the Melbourne Dragons & Melbourne Ice, has been made which will see the Ice brand represented at the elite level of women's hockey in Australia.

With no official date set for the change in image, it is both an exciting & significant move for ice hockey in the state. Both clubs looking to continue the added success of the sport in Victoria, they have come to an agreement to be as one & work towards sharing there visions & goals towards promoting the sport in the community.

This move could well turn out to be a stepping stone for future partnerships between both the men & women's leagues, it is in some respect a landmark decision. Having a club represented in both leagues, is something which stands alone in the ice hockey community. The deal will only benefit the sport throughout the city of Melbourne & i feel it could lead to bigger and better things, the next step is to get junior levels capable of being nurtured through the ranks, to a possible career in both the AIHL & AWIHL.

Head coach of the team Lee Brown, will no doubt be boosted by the current news. Having the chance to be affiliated with the newly crowned AIHL Champions the Melbourne Ice, as well as playing regular games the at the new Icehouse, should see improvements all round for the team.

Ice hockey is in a very good state at the moment and with the current partnership decision, i can only see it going from strength to strength. People often talk about super clubs, which are represented across different codes of sport. Maybe, we might be seeing the berth of an ice hockey super power in Australia, only time will tell.

By Andrew Macdougall

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